Applications Of Concrete Cutting And Wall Sawing

There are numerous uses for demolition and concrete cutting operations in both commercial and mining and construction. A wide range of services offered by demolition companies includes drilling, gutting, road saws, and wall saws. There are different types of technologies and devices that are used for different purposes. These are based on their requirements and the complexity of the tasks they perform. It is important that these tasks are performed by experienced professionals with a high degree of accuracy and accuracy. Failure to do so can result in serious shortcomings and dangerous failures during the process.

 Wall saw technology. A better name for a

wall saw is probably a controlled path saw. In this technique,  diamond blades are attached to the caterpillar machine and used for vertical and horizontal cuts. The rail can be surface mounted and can cut up to 1.2 meters. The rails can be bolted under the suspended panel and the saw can be fixed so that it cuts upside down. Can be cut from both sides of concrete. Ideal for use on steep roads where flat saws and panel saws cannot be used. You can use a wall saw to cut the exact dimensions.

 Wall saw application. The main use of the

wall saw is when most or a small part of the concrete needs to be removed. Great for deep cuts and precise openings. This method can be used wherever the rail can be bolted. Walls, floors, stairs, columns, beams, ventilators, studs, foundations, ducts, large diameter pipes, windows, etc. There may be some special applications such as B. Wall decoration. You can see a wall to remove some or all of the existing wall. Very effective for newly poured concrete and reconstructed or refurbished structures.

 Wall Saw Equipment

Hydraulically driven equipment is used for wall saws. The saw can be operated with remote control, and the hydraulic system eliminates exhaust gas and noise pollution from the engine. Designed to maximize worker safety, the wall saw unit is a portable device that is extremely easy to use for trained professionals.

Concrete Cutting Brisbane typically uses a wall sawing technique to cut thick concrete at very high cutting speeds using highly specialized equipment. The use of additional safety features and the remote control allows for straight and accurate cuts even on steep roads.