Finding The Right Discount Laminate Flooring

While the thought of using discount laminate flooring might offer some the connotation that it is not going to last, potential buyers should not confuse cheap with a discounted price. Buyers need to consider the source of the discount laminate flooring and their popularity of selling high-quality products at lower rates. For example, a company that sells flooring or best laminate floor like Mannington laminate flooring without a fancy showroom or that purchases in large quantities to lower the wholesale cost, might be able to give prices much lower than its competition.

Many people equate quality and durability with cost and so will shy away from utilizing discount laminate flooring for any purpose. Sometimes, more inexpensive flooring may make good financial sense, if this is getting used to remodeling and seldom used room and the lack of activity in that room allows the flooring to last as long as costlier products.

Numerous factors influence the cost of laminate materials and most flooring will have at least five layers of materials laminated together to make the base. An image is then laminated to the top surface, that is the image seen after installation. A few of the most inexpensive discount laminate flooring will have the five layers but will use cheaper laminate glue to hold it all together, which can also cause the layers to separate. However, even the best laminate flooring can curl and buckle if the room’s humidity level is too high or the installation was not done correctly.

Appropriate Installation Extends Life of Laminate Flooring

Regardless of the price of the discount laminate flooring how it is installed and maintained will help determine how long it lasts. Too many times laminate flooring is installed without allowing for temperature or humidity changes that are going to happen in nearly every house. As the wood in the materials expands, if not enough room was permitted during the installation, the flooring can buckle.

On another side of the scale, if the discount laminate flooring was set up with a lot of space, during the colder, dryer time of the year the boards can separate, leaving gaps, which probably will form humps when the floor expands back to its original size. The gaps needed can vary, but typically only require about one-fourth to one-half-inch that can be hidden under the trim on the sides of the room. This problem is not unique to discount laminate flooring, as it can affect flooring of all prices and qualities.


Multi Photo Frames and Mounts

multi photo frame

A beautiful framed photograph or print is the perfect addition to any room. Whether you’re capturing a snapshot of a fun family holiday, or paying homage to your favourite film, the right image can make a world of difference to a living room, bedroom or office. Unfortunately, without the right frame, even the most captivating of pictures can be made to look cheap, out of place and even downright ugly. That’s where EasyFrame can help.

Not only do we offer a variety of quality picture frames and mounts, we can also supply our customers with multi aperture picture frames. These are frames that come with a mount featuring multiple openings. They’re perfect for housing a collection of photographs, but can also be a great option for postcards, or smaller drawings or prints.

Best of all? EasyFrame provides custom-made multi photo frames and mounts, meaning you can tailor your frame to your exact specifications and dimensions, right down to the last millimetre. You can also choose between a number of different frame and mount styles and colours, allowing you to create something that perfectly compliments the interior where it will be displayed.

Getting hold of a frame that perfectly suits a collection of images or photographs can be pretty difficult – but not with EasyFrame’s straightforward custom service. We provide high-quality frames and mounts of every style and size, meaning all you have to worry about is filling in those dimensions, choosing the perfect mount and frame, and clicking ‘Add To Basket’.

What’s more, if you order online from us today, we can guarantee that your custom frame will be dispatched in one to three working days. Picture framing has never been this quick and easy.

Choosing Layout and Sizes

The easiest way to understand how our website works is to have a play around to familiarise yourself with the various controls and options.

At EasyFrame, our custom multi picture frames can include up to 64 apertures in a 8×8 layout. You can also fine-tune the sizes of every single aperture, which is good news if you are looking to frame a variety of photos or images in differing sizes.

You should have a general idea of how many apertures you require, the layout you require, and you should have accurate measurements written down for each aperture. When you are ready to start creating your multi aperture layout you will need to click the button directly under the ‘Select Layout’ text and select the correct number of apertures across and down. Once selected, the size table underneath will refresh to your selected layout, and you will need to enter the individual size for each aperture before clicking the ‘Update All Apertures’ button.

The visualisation will update as you confirm any changes, and will help you ensure you have entered the details correctly.

Mount Options

  • Single or Double Mount?
  • You can select between a single or double mount using the toggle switch labelled ‘Single/Double’. By selecting a double mount you will be able to choose two colours for the two mount layers, top and bottom. The general rule is that the bottom mount would be a darker colour which picks out a dominate colour in the artwork, whilst the top mount would be a lighter, neutral colour. If you are unsure, just try selecting a double mount and look how the visualisation changes. This will give you a much better understanding of the double mount option.

  • Mount Border Widths
  • The border widths can be increased or decreased by changing the value in the relevant box. Changing the border width will amend the width on all 4 sides equally.

  • Aperture Gaps
  • he gap between each aperture is set by default to be 50% of the top border width, i.e. if you set the top mount width to 40mm, the gap between each aperture will be 20mm. This is the recommended ratio and keeps the proportions visually correct. However, by deselecting the ‘Default Gap’ checkbox, you will be able to amend the gap between each aperture as required.

  • To Take Image Size or Exact Image Size?
  • he default option on our website is for us to cut the opening of the mount 4mm smaller than the size entered so the mount will ‘take’ that image size, i.e. it will just overlap the image. You can change this option so that the mount opening is cut to the exact size entered. Selecting this option means we will cut the opening to the exact size entered. This option is useful for more advanced framers who have already made the necessary allowances.

What Color To Paint Garage Doors

Many people give little thought to what color they should paint their garage door, but the truth is that your garage door is noticed every day by passersby and neighbors. The garage door is on the outside of your property and for this reason, you often forget about it, yet really it should be on your list of household maintenance. The garage door is the focal point of your home, so make sure you always have it in top shape, and well maintained; then you will give a good impression about the whole of your home.

Paint Regularly

If you have traditional wooden or steel garage doors, they need to be looked after and painted periodically. Wooden doors have higher maintenance but also look nicer, giving more curb appeal to your property. But it is important to remember that whatever your garage doors are made of, they need to be properly maintained. Having correctly painted doors means that they are protected from the elements and will have a longer lifetime; so, what color to paint your doors?

Choose The Color You Want

You can paint your doors whatever color you want, and even make an individual statement by painting them in more than one color, or painting on a design to your doors. Your garage door is the first thing people will see when visiting your house or passing by, and your garage doors make a lasting impression on people. If we pull up to the driveway of a house that has scruffy or chipped paintwork on the garage door, then we tend to associate the whole house as untidy. The door will not make us feel welcomed into the home, and although it is very psychological, will put us off returning.

Choose Base Color

So if you see any chipped paintwork on your garage doors, or perhaps have noticed that your present doors are looking old and tired, then don’t delay in getting out the paint and revamping those tired doors. First impressions count, so don’t scrimp and save on your garage doors. The color you choose is basically down to your individual tastes; choose a color to blend in with the surroundings, or maybe a color to make an attractive and bold statement about your home.

Once you have decided on the color or design for your garage doors, the next step is to prepare your doors for painting. You must thoroughly clean down the existing paintwork and door and allow drying before starting painting. Do not be tempted to paint over old chipped paintwork; this will just chip away again in no time at all. Lastly, make sure that you use a primer or base coat first before applying the color of your choice to your garage doors.…