How To Add Color To Your Living Room?

Do you think your living space requires a life of its own? Do you suspect it is too lifeless and will be spiced up somehow to make it more alive? Well, you will be in need of a room make-over. Do not be concerned, you do not need to go for a complete refresh, just follow the discussed tips and you will add brighter shades to your living room. The foremost thing you can do to make your room a little fresher is to color one of the walls in a new color. You can play around with one wall of your room. You can either paint it with a bold color or you can match the color of this wall with your furniture. You can even try painting one wall in a little darker shade as compared to other walls. This could give a more colorful look to your room.


Another interesting way to bring some colors into your living space is to throw some pillows. These colorful pillows will enhance the beauty of your room along with serving their main purpose. You can use these extraordinary cushions to receive support for your back when you suffer from back trouble.


Or, you might even drape a colorful blanket over the settee or the arm of a chair. Go in for a color that is against this with the other furniture. If you have no desire to be particularly experimental, you might go in for a color that intensifies the color of the furniture. A colorful blanket may be used to cover your house treadmill.


How about adding color with a little bit of nature to your lounge? Bring in some plants into the house. Go in for green plants or the flourishing ones, it’s your decision. Adding plants to your living space won’t just add a touch of color to the room but also bring in a feel-good factor into the room.


Adding a colorful or whimsical lamp is an alternate way of adding color to your living room. If you have no wish to go in for one of the lamps available in the market, you can make your own customized lamp shade. Use an engaging pot as the lamp and get the electronic parts installed from a close-by shop. Then you need to use a shade in an engaging shape. Add fringe, beads or any other laces to the top and bottom of the shade and your lamp is bound to look totally colorful and fascinating.