The Benefits Of Buffing

Before we discuss the benefits of Buffing, we should now discuss the tiling process first. Now that you have completed spreading your floor tile grout and forming the grout lines, the penultimate stage of the job is to clean the tiled floor fully free of grout streaks, just before finally sealing the grout. Once the grout has been formed correctly, wait around 5 to 10 minutes right after forming to commence cleaning the tiles. Whatever you do, do not choose to leave it too long prior to you doing this, as it’s going to just give you a lot more unnecessary scrubbing work to apply, so attempt to total the entire approach of grouting in one sitting.

With a fresh bucket of water, again wring out your sponge and start to wipe down the tiled floor in circular motions to eliminate the excess grout from the tiles. The dry streaks ought to be completely wiped clean, and you will likely notice that your sponge will gum up really fast and congeal with grout.

Instead of ten to twelve actions to accomplish polished concrete a much less expensive and faster way is now available with only one to three grinding steps. The finish is practically as beneficial as accurate polished concrete without the high price of diamond wear and may be completed in substantially less time. As a rough guide, you will need to obtain your self-altering your water for each and every 9′ by 9′ foot square area, but this needless to say depends on how clean your grout forming was.

For those who don’t change the water regularly, you may just be wiping the grout back onto the tiles and discover your job completely frustrating, so widespread sense tells us which you cannot actually expect to clean something appropriately having a dirty solution. There’s still one extra process to go through just before you are finally completed cleaning the tiles, but do try to obtain them as clean as achievable to create this final stage a little easier.

  • First, prepare the concrete by grinding with 50 grit resin diamonds if the floor is in superior condition.
  • If the floor just isn’t level or there is often a coating of glue to remove you may possibly have to initial use a coarse diamond, fill the little air holes, finish off with 60 grit metal bond diamonds after which grind using the 50 grit resin bond diamond pads.
  • Next, apply 1 of the new lithium-based hardener/color combinations, or just use the lithium-based hardener without a color. Allow an hour or two for it to react and either buff it with a high-speed buffing machine or pass over it once more using the 50 grit resin bond diamond pads.
  • The final step is to apply a thin polymer and go over it with the high-speed buffing machine utilizing a special heat pad underneath the buffer to hot bond the polymer into the surface of the concrete.
  • This will result in a highly polished, colored concrete floor in a significantly quicker time and much less cost than classic polished concrete.
  • The polymer coating provides the concrete a high polish finish, however, it is not permanent and ought to be reapplied approximately every 12 months which is fast and simple to complete.


Waiting a minimum of two hours right after cleaning along with your wet sponge, but undoubtedly no far more tahan 12 hours, otherwise you are going to find that the remaining grout streaks are caked onto your tiles, the final process would be to buff the tiles down. Using a dry cheesecloth or dish towel for ideal results, buff down the floor tiles to return them back to their factory finish. Rubbing in circular motions again, dry polish the tiles, and remove the haze left by the grout.