What Color To Paint Garage Doors

Many people give little thought to what color they should paint their garage door, but the truth is that your garage door is noticed every day by passersby and neighbors. The garage door is on the outside of your property and for this reason, you often forget about it, yet really it should be on your list of household maintenance. The garage door is the focal point of your home, so make sure you always have it in top shape, and well maintained; then you will give a good impression about the whole of your home.

Paint Regularly

If you have traditional wooden or steel garage doors, they need to be looked after and painted periodically. Wooden doors have higher maintenance but also look nicer, giving more curb appeal to your property. But it is important to remember that whatever your garage doors are made of, they need to be properly maintained. Having correctly painted doors means that they are protected from the elements and will have a longer lifetime; so, what color to paint your doors?

Choose The Color You Want

You can paint your doors whatever color you want, and even make an individual statement by painting them in more than one color, or painting on a design to your doors. Your garage door is the first thing people will see when visiting your house or passing by, and your garage doors make a lasting impression on people. If we pull up to the driveway of a house that has scruffy or chipped paintwork on the garage door, then we tend to associate the whole house as untidy. The door will not make us feel welcomed into the home, and although it is very psychological, will put us off returning.

Choose Base Color

So if you see any chipped paintwork on your garage doors, or perhaps have noticed that your present doors are looking old and tired, then don’t delay in getting out the paint and revamping those tired doors. First impressions count, so don’t scrimp and save on your garage doors. The color you choose is basically down to your individual tastes; choose a color to blend in with the surroundings, or maybe a color to make an attractive and bold statement about your home.

Once you have decided on the color or design for your garage doors, the next step is to prepare your doors for painting. You must thoroughly clean down the existing paintwork and door and allow drying before starting painting. Do not be tempted to paint over old chipped paintwork; this will just chip away again in no time at all. Lastly, make sure that you use a primer or base coat first before applying the color of your choice to your garage doors.